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Fruit and Vegetables

Below is a link to a camera on a few wild blackberry stems in a set of bushes outside the goose house. This is a favourite place for birds too so it is an interesing one to keep an eye on.

You can see the yard too so through the bushes you will see the chickens wandering round in th afternnons/evenings and the horses going in and out at either end of the day too.

If you can't see the image you may need to install java which is available HERE You will need to allow the programme to run

If you would like to grow your own but can't because of lack of space, or physical constraint then we will do it for you and make you as involved in the process as possible.

Tell us what you want to grow, we eill organise it and send you pictures and video of the process. Where possible we will use webcams to keep you in touch.

You pay for the production and delivery costs.

Email with any enquiries.

If you want to get in touch with us then email me with ideas, questions and comments.