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Chicken House Live

After a series of raids by a local fox we have now managed to fence the chickens in to the farm yard and surrounding barn areas which so far seems to have stopped the fox from taking them. Foxes like to hide, pounce and know their escape route is easy. Hopefully, this will keep the chickens safe for sometime to come.

We have a variety of chickens. Starting off with Rhode Island Reds and Black Rocks. Since then we have found a guy who has a fridge converted to an incubator from whom we buy 1 day old chicks to rear.

We currently have about 30 birds. These are all hens for egg laying and one cockerel as he prevents the hens from pulling each others feathers out. We only let them out in the afternoons/evenings so they will lay their eggs in the hen house. Occasionally a hen will go broody and sit on some eggs, especially in the spring time. They take 21 days to incubate and hatch and sometimes we get a group of chicks. We have 5 broody hens at the moment sat on 12-ish eggs. There are lots more pictures of our poultry but here are a few of the hens.

Photographs of all our poultry are HERE

There is a live webcam feed here, when the light is beginning to go we try to feed them then (loosely 6ish pm).

I will continue to update this page on the progress of egg laying which is currently around 16 per day for chickens. We have about 5 broody hens at the moment so I will keep you up to date on the progress of them hatching.

24 hour old chickhatching egg

Chicken and chicksAN odd chicken

If you want to get in touch with us then email me with ideas, questions and comments.