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Unfortunately we have lost the girl ducks to the fox. Initially we though the drake had gone, but it turns out to be the girls.

As well as loosing the two ducks we have lost nine chickens to the fox. We have wired the chickens in to a smaller area so they can't get themselves into such dangerous positions, and so the fox has to come into the open to try to get the poultry. So far it seems to be working but this means the drake cannot use the pond so has acess to large buckets of water. This is not idea, so we are deciding if it is worth spending the money to build a fence round the pond and get a couple more girls again, or if we should rehome Mr duck.

Photographs of the poultry can be found with the domestic animals HERE

We had three ducks


a drake (male), the one at the back with a curly tail, and the two at the front are the females but now just the drake.

chicken and goose eggs

This shows the difference in size between a chicken egg (small) and goose egg (large). The texture is different with a goose egg being less smooth than the chicken egg.

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