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Our geese are free range in that they have an overnight home, which is preditor proof, and ten durring the day they are free to roam. They use the duck pond to swim and clean themselves and spend about half the day sitting and wandering, and the othe half grazing on the grass.

A goose

We do worry they may be atacked by the fox but they are quite able to defend themselves, as long as they see it coming! Unfortunately we can't keep them in the yard area because they need to get to the grass. The chickens prefer scratching around in the dust on the floor of the dutch bard, and using the dust to bath and clean themselves.


Morgan the dog
Our patterdale cross terrier, Morgan has matured enough now to be outside with less supervision and his presence we hope will help deter the fox a little as well as his increasing ability as a ratter.


We have a trio of geese The size, beak colour and dreadful honking noise is how to tell them apart from the ducks. Again, this is a trio of one gander (male) and two females. Geese

Photographs of all our poultry domestic animals are HERE

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