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Spririt the horse

Here is Spirit the largest of the ponies at 13 to 14 hands. He is the one which is ridden. He is what would horsey types call "forward" which means he likes to go fast!!

Millie the Shetland
This is Milly, she is a shetland pony. She is lovely and her and Spirit together are great fun.

We are lucky enough to have been able to borrow these horses from a neighbouring farm. They are not terribly young but are still fit and are ridden frequently.

They are let out into a small paddock each day and then stabled overnight. It sounds strange but the rich summer grass can be too much for horses and ponies so they have to be limited in the amount of grass they eat durring this time of the year. The reason for this is that they can get an disease called Laminitis.

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