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The pigs went to be turned into meat at the end of June. Between them, they weighed 195kg in meat weight. That is four bin bags packed solid with meat. We have turned some into sausages, some into burgers, cured some for bacon and the rest is joints, chops and offal. More details on the blog.

pig face pig body

We keep pigs for meat. We get a couple of weaners and look after them until they are the right size to be made into joints, bacon and sausages.

Our third pairing, a couple of boars (boys) were the liveliest yet. We are thinking about having a breeding pair so we can raise a litter of piglets but we will need a more permanent pig sty which gives constant outdoor access. At the moment we use a big pen in a barn and have to let the pigs out when we can.

This is the most recent pair (when they were young in March).


Photographs of all our domestic animals are HERE

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