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We have a range of water types here which is great for attracting different types of wildlife.

The fast shallow stream

fast running stream

We have a very shallow, but quite fast running stream where the spring water overflows. This is great for insects like mayflies which lay their eggs in the streams and in which the larval stage of the insect lives. They are really hard to spot in the water.

The wildlife pond

We have a wildlife pond which has a wetland area where many water loving plants grow and deeper areas where frogs and toads spawn and we currently have hundreds of tadpoles.

Tadpoles more tadpoles

How many will survive to adulthood I am not sure but rather less than the number of tadpoles!

You may have read about the tadpole rescue in the blog. All tadpoles are back in the pond now. With the water a ittle deeper the pond is already attracting many insects including some beautiful blue dragonflies. I am working an a pond update so whatch this space.

The duck pond

is a little sad after the two girls were taken by the fox. Mr duck needs some friends!! We will see who we can find for him.

The sunshine is great but has dried the pond up considerably, so we have taken the opportunity to fill in the holes in the bottom so it retains the water better when the rain starts to fall.

Ducks having the morning wash

This pond is designed to be easy for the ducks and geese to get in and out. The bottom is concreted because they dig out any plants and insects and cause the water to disappear into the ground! They wash in the pond in the morning and at night

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