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This is where we try to keep you up to date with the wildlife we have here.

Currently we have a nest of swallows I am following. Some pictues from today (5th June).

Swallows nest A swallow chick A fed up swallow chick

Swallows nest Swallows nest again

New pictures 6th June - the red under their chins is much stornger in just one day

today 6th June picture

The swallows are now learning to fly. The pictures show them out of the nest and balancing, then they start to fly. Sometimes they perch for a rest and todays (june 14) lesson seems to be stopping to pick something up and flying off with it!!! They are getting wise to the camera now though and do not land when I'm about!!

flying swallow swallow chick 1 swallowchick 2 swallowchick 3

If you click on the picture below you can download half an hour of footage of the swallows feeding the young in the nest. It is a large file and will take time to download.

You will need realplayer (download here) or something to play mp4 files. It is nearly three minutes of footage and will take time to download but is really interesting.
swallow feeding the young

Here are a couple of other films you might want to have a look at. These are shorter and taken using cameras that detect motion.

Click the link and the short clips will play in media player.

badger / fox / jay / buzzard /

Pair of buzzards

This page is about wildlife and we will include birds as a seperate section because there are so many!! There will be video and pictures. After hearing about the wildlife survey conducted by the natural history museum which many people were unable to get right, this will be the next page to be updated. See the blog for more details. For now you can access raw images. For birds click HERE, and for wildlife click HERE

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