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This is a live camera showing the top of the woodland, there should be enough sky to see the Buzzards and Red Kites playing on the thermals in the sky - if your lucky enough to view at the right time!

If you can't see the image you may need to install java which is available HERE You will need to allow the programme to run


Bridal path

This is the main pathway which leads from the farm part of our holding down into the woodlands. This photo is from autumn time as the leaves started to drop.

The woodland splits into two, a south facing and north facing set of woods. This makes a big difference to the light and warmth which in turn affedts the vegetation that grows and therefore the animals that live in it. The south facing side has many butterflies, the sound of birdsong and abundant insects because it has many flowers and shrubs under the tree canopy. The north side has less of this shrubbary, and a more open woodland floor. It tends to be damper and as a result the insects tend to be more hidden under leaves and stones, and there are more ferns and fungi.

We are lucky enough to have about 20 acres of woodlands here. We planted 1600 trees, hawthorn, holly, oak,ash and birch three years ago and these are doing quite well.

As well as being great for encouraging wildlife we also use wood as fuel which we use for heating, hot water and cooking in our trusty rayburn!

There are also many photos which are not yet all named but you can look through Woodlands.

There will be further updates very soon.

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