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Domestic animals introduction link to chickens link to ducks link to geese link to chickens link to sheep link to horese link to horses

We also have cows at various times of the year, when their owners have run out of grass.

To find out more about any of the animals, how we look after them, and the different breeds, click on the links below, and you'll be taken to the animals pages where you will find more information, photos and maybe video.

To meet the duck

To meet the geese

Visit the broody house where we hatch out the chicks - *live webcams*

To meet the sheep

To meet the chickens - *live webcams*

To meet the horses

To meet the pigs - There are no current pigs but info here

To meet the cows - No cows at the moment but a herd due soon

If you want to get in touch with us then email me with ideas, questions and comments.